REX HUA - 花士文

m. 604.780.8887
o. 1438 Howe Street, Vancouver, B.C V6Z 1R8 Canada
Rex Hua specializes in the Burnaby and Lower Mainland residential markets. Growing up in North Vancouver, Rex graduated from BCIT in Finance with an acute business sense and a wealth of cutting-edge investment knowledge. When Rex launched his Real Estate career in 2006, he found his expert negotiating and problem-solving skills valuable to helping his clientele build and achieve their real estate goals. With fluency in Mandarin, Taiwanese, Cantonese and English, coupled with an intrinsic interest in fulfilling his client’s needs, Rex’s mission is to help each client find their dream home and fulfill financial investment in real estate. He also specializes in pre-sale projects to search for the best project in town. As such, Rex works hard to provide all multilingual clientele with exceptional service across the Lower Mainland.

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